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Easy to access and very operational , our training courses get straight to the point and provide to all managers and actors of the company with a clear and direct overview of all essential business themes.


Each course gives access to:

  • A proven methodology inspired by concrete studies and field experience

  • An operational and practical guide to progress on a daily basis

  • The best advice to strengthen your hard skills

  • Personal coaching to improve your soft skills

  • Background information to develop your knowledge


Based on the wealth of publications from recent decades, each course has been specially designed to offer a practical resource to executives and managers. Each major practical theme is enriched with tools , models and analysis grids.


Thanks to FLUENS Consulting training, you will have all the essential keys to an efficient business.

Good news: our training courses are CPF eligible !

The essentials to negotiate
Master team management

Whether you are a beginner or a experienced negotiator, knowing how to negotiate effectively, it requires improvement and works to progress.

This training will help you acquire and enhance the 10 aspects of reasoned negotiation that every good salesperson must master.

Experienced employee or not, be up to managing a team, requires training and work in order to progress.

This course will help you acquire and improve the 6 fundamental skills that any good manager must master.

Negotiation psychology
The keys to managing internationally

All sellers must be aware of and better understand the psychological phenomena surrounding negotiations.

This training will provide you with a set of strategies likely to defuse these phenomena through 8 psychological biases. Thus, you will get the best results during all your exchanges.

When working with a different culture or abroad, knowing how to manage internationally becomes crucial.
This training will help you acquire and improve the 8 fundamental axes that any good multicultural team manager must learn and apply.

The essentials to convince
The levers of project management

Beginner or experienced speaker, becoming convincing and persuasive, it requires work and training to improve.

This training will help you acquire : power, influence & persuasion, because knowing how to convince is the key that allows everyone to express the best of themselves.

Project management concerns, at one time or another, all managers in the company. Hence the interest - especially if you are new to the subject - to adopt and follow a clear roadmap.

This training will help you decipher and acquire the effective techniques to manage a project brilliantly.

The keys to making the right decision
Manage your time effectively

Whether you are new or experienced in the business world, the art of deciding is fundamental.
This training will help you acquire and improve correct decision-making, in order to make the process excellent and efficient.

You want to better manage your personal life or be more efficient in your professional tasks, know how to manage your time to save time, it can be learned.

This training will help you to get rid of the superfluous, because it is the philosophy that must guide your mastery of time management.

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